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Learn About Our Three Basic Building Styles

Customizable Options

Colors You Will Love

With our 19 color options available, you can match your home's style or create a look and feel as unique as you!

*Premium Colors are an extra 4% from standard color prices

Garage Doors

Protect your property and make storage easy by adding garage doors in a variety of a sizes ranging from 6'x7' to 12'x12'!

Walk-In Doors

Make access to your new metal building easy and secure by adding one or more of our walk-in doors!

Windows Available

Shed some natural light in your new metal building by adding one or more of our windows available in a sizes of 30"x30", 30"x36" or 24"x36"


Reliable Metal Buildings x CondenStop ®

We want you to feel confident when you enclose one of our buildings. When you order with us you can chose CondenStop® as an add-on to your roof. Installing this product will help reduce the condensation and moisture that can form on your new building's roof by 60% more than any other competitor. This will prevent any mold growth as well as minimize corrosion.

Color Matching Screws

We want you to love the look of your building after you order from us. When it comes to the small details we are glad to inform you that we offer color match screws for all of our colors. Any building over $5,000 in value automatically comes with colored screws!

Reliable Metal Buildings x Protecto Wrap®

By adding Protecto Wrap® you will be protected from any moisture that can be trapped under your building. This helps in corrosion prevention and will block any water from entering your buildings. If you are planning on installing one of our buildings on concrete we highly recommend adding this extra layer of protection.


We know that some of our customers may want to get better heat retention from their buildings. This is why we offer an R10 double bubble insulation option.